Aoulad Haddou Abdelhamid


Kategorien: Malerei

"Mediterranean architecture"

acrilyc and mixed technique on the cloth, 300/200cm july 2009

"signs on signs "

oil on wood, paper vinyl on plexiglass, 50/30/10cm

"the flower"

Acrylic and texture on the cloth The Moslem artist found a solution semi-abstract for representation of the flower, in front of the prohibition of the figuration, the artist who became the craftsman, created several styles of art, through centuries, to remain in contacts with the visual world

"Mann und Frau"

The rediscover of Berber art (signs and symbols)acrilyc on the cloth


acrilyc on cloth,200/200cm, juin 2009 I tried to treat the sign, of the salamander, that the Berber women, often use, in the pottery, tattooing and the carpets, by plays of color, light and body movement, then come the performance by using photography:the work which will be to expose here is photography, the idea is to create one discussed



the goal was to create the idea of solidarity, with child works...