Corrado Abate


Kategorien: Malerei Skulptur Installation

Cage #1: Time, 2008

Iron, Carrara's marble, metronomes 200 x 1000 x 100 cm Site specific installation It's a work on the perception of the time. 9 metronomes, like 9 phases of the life, inside an iron cage, beacuse time is an inexorable condemnation. Every metronomes is calibrated on a growing time: as man aging, in fact, feel the time passing in an increasingly accellerated time.

Mein W.K., 2009

various materials 300 x 300 x 300 cm Installation Based on Wunderkammer idea. It's my personal wonder room, that contenains all of my experiments, chemical or physical reactions. A sanctuary for what don't appears of my work.

Discart wall, 2009

various materials Site specific installation 300 x 500 x 100 cm Based on Jerusalem wailing wall. It's a monument at memory of the materials.My studio's floor, an ancient door of an abandoned house, a tv of my childhood, some benches of an old ice stadium: the material is impregnated of memories, lives and life. I wanted to celebrate their essence.

Pierce (me), transfix (me) but keep (me), 2009

Oak wood, iron 28 x 7 x 30 cm I have never been able to tame my consuming passions, like most indomitable pulsions too. I know the consequences but I can not avoid them. They splits me, they demolish me like a violent dart, but I learned that my brain had a force, like powerful nails, who can keep me togheter.

Divided 2 for 7, 2009

Fir wood 41 x 72 cm It's a subdivision of matter from a single block trough binary division, theoretically infinite. I used a chisel to split the block, chisel that has a dimension, as a minimum size has the smallest piece that I am able to share with logic. Beyond was a break and not a division. The human mind needs a minimum size, because it is a chisel which splits the thought. Here the inconceivability infinity.

History of a violence, 2009

Walnut wood, iron 20 x 62 x 19 cm The walnut tree in many cultures is the woman. The iron represents the strength, war, and then the man. An iron bar stuck into the wood yields to the deforming force of violence and creating cracks never be healed.