Heeyoung Choe


Kategorien: Skulptur Installation Partizipativ


Year: 2011 Medium: Glazed Stoneware, Mixed Media (sound detective sensors, self-illuminating wires) Size: 21”h x 52”w x 16”d Collaboration with Yong Hyun Chung Interactive sound installation The concept is cup telephone that I played with when I was a young. People are able to participate in the work when they make some sounds like talking, laughing or any sound around the opening of each side. The wires are activated by sound and the brightness of the wires responds to the volume of the sound.

Converse (Detail)

Study of Time

Year: 2010 Medium: Wood, Chimes, Mixed Media (motion sensors, electronics) Size: Variable I want to make the interaction between the audience as the wind and the chime. When people can walk between chimes or under chimes, they can hear the chime bells. The viewer is like the wind. The audience’s presence makes the chime to ring a bell. Motion sensors detect movement and activate motors that pull strings and cause strikers to hit chimes. Generally, it takes a few seconds to activate the electronic components. I designed circuits that take 15 seconds to ring chime bells, because I want viewers to hear the bells after the sensors detect movement. The viewers can experience the coexistence of the present and past as well as the sound itself.

Study of Time (Detail)


Year: 2010 Medium: Mixed Media (Video, audio tracking, screen) Size: Variable Bubbles is an interaction play for kids. The colorful bubbles are generated when kids shout, clap, laugh or even talk. The bubbles act like floating balls. Kids play with bubbles that are created by them. I programmed the bubbles with processing, video tracking, and a microphone. Four edges of a screen have different functions. The bubbles when kids make sounds come from the Top edge of a screen. The bubbles are reflected by when hit the left and right edges of a screen. Finally the bubbles are disappeared when hit the bottom edge of a screen.


Year: 2011 Size: Depends on three persons heights and 2’W Medium: Mixed Media (Wood, motion sensors, RGB LEDs) Collaboration with Yong Hyun Chung, Jin Soo Kim This is an interactive installation and three persons’ collaboration work. Each panel has different colors of eyes and a motion sensor as a belly button. The height of panel represents that of each artist. Eye contact is the best way of communication between people. Viewers try to make eye contact with a man-made figure that has two eyes but does not have any emotions.

Fibonacci Flower

Year: 2009 Size: 4” x 4” x 4” Medium: plastic I’m interested in the order of nature such as Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci flower is generated by Fibonacci sequence and equation using 3D program and a 3D printer.

Hide and Seek

Year: 2010 Medium: translucent slip casting, Mixed Media (motion sensors, LEDs, electronics) Size: Variable The hallway is composed to translucent tiles, RBG LEDs and motion sensors. The tile looks like simple hemisphere, but when passengers pass the tiles, they can see light bulb inside them. When passengers pass the hallway, the individual tiles are light up. It will make the hallway active, lively and directional. The hallway may forget the passengers’ all stress and fatigues. It is a sense of humor like the little princess’s hat.

Proposed work_image 1

Proposed work_image 2