Dillan Marsh



Kategorien: Installation Interdisziplinär

01. Balloon Project, Mixed Media Installation, 8x10m floor space.

A collection of fabricated and found equipment digital slide projection (20 satellite images, rising from 60meters to 5miles), DVD video on monitor (image 02), trolleys, polythene, tarpaulin, fuel, fan, lifesaver, sand bags, flight gear, an office (image 03), scaffold, wood, scrap.

02. Balloon project, Film Still, component of installation (image 01)

3 minute DVD loop, an attempt at weightlessness using counter weights and pulleys.

03 Balloon Project, 2008, Office (Interior), component of installation (image 01), 2x3x4m

Contains desk, chair, pencil drawings and calculations on paper, books (Don Cameron's Ballooning Handbook, Joseph Heller's Catch 22, Army Field Manuel: Survival Evasion and Escape), digital prints (Pieter Breugal's Landscape with Fall of Icarus and Carl E. Mayers' Balloon Farm 1907), CD player (hidden and playing a selection of songs about flying), barometer, lamp, calculator, Kendal Mint Cake, square, dividers, fan, goggles, backpack.

04. Balloon, 2008, Portrait with Flight Kit, pre test flight (image 05)

Includes balloon 50x120cm (packed), burner assembly (aluminum, copper pipe, webbing, propane burner, hose), parachute harness, flight suit, helmet, goggles, canteen, compass, tape dispenser, rope, anchor (steel), whistle, knife.

05. Balloon Project, 2008, Test Flight, performance, duration variable.

An attempt to gain lift. Inflation method fan, propane burner, kerosene heater. Balloon details 11x13m, shopping bags, polythene sheet, scotch tape, duct tape, paracord, steel cable, fishing line, rope, sand bags, breeze blocks.

06. Generation Games, 2006, Mixed, Media Installation, 6x14m floor space.

An attempt to process an unrealised idea, collaboration with Dunhill and O’Brien. Wood, scrap, headboards, ladders, drawing board, desk, drawings, photographs, digital prints, lights, light box with 'Vision of St. Augustine' by Vittore Carpaccio.

07. Generation Games, 2006, Drawing, component of installation (image 06)

210x297mm, pencil on paper, from series of 15.

08. Generation Games, 2006, Photograph, component of installation (image 06)

148x105mm, digital print, from series of 20.

09. Russian Box, 2005, 18x100x63mm, cardboard multiple

Through an unnecessarily complex system of formulæ a dysfunctional package is produced, containing nothing but progressively smaller boxes. A utilitarian object becomes a useless non-thing.

10. Russian Box, 2005, component of multiple (image 09), 210x297mm

Leaflet side two, digital print.