Amanda Andersen


Kategorien: Malerei Video Installation

Range of Ribbon 1, Oil on canvas, series of five: each 116 x 88 cm, 2012

A series of paintings presenting a knotted mound of ribbon as it moves through rooms sliding through narrow doorways and slowly reshaping itself as a large pile. These paintings observe this mass as it reaches out and moves through thin layers of flat space on canvas. It’s weightless movement contradicts the weighty presence when it settles.

International Sadness, Digital collage on paper, one shown- series of 20: each each 14 x 20 cm, 2011

A series of collages using popular imagery showing patterns of a widespread lonely search for one’s self. Each found image is then matched to a headshot of myself paired with a headshot of an iconic female I admire. This pairing explores the self reflective qualities of sadness, developing one's identity, following role models, as well as personal measurements of success. Ultimately this work explores the idea of searching to become something greater.

Corner Drapes 1, Mixed media on paper, series of five: each each 40 x 40 cm, 2012

A series of collages addressing the same maleable material from the paintings Range of Ribbon- yet in a more singular and controlled way- using the ribbon to define the space of a room that contains them. The images of society and nature appear in the way a young person decorates their room with pictures cutout from newspapers or magazines.

Groups of Three (Notch), Acrylic, paper, leather, thread on canvas, 134 x 56 cm, 2012

(Groups of Three) is a series that reflects on the triangle as a common signifer of mystery and wonder, this series includes large collages and a 48-page photocopied publication produced in a series of 150.

Panzer! Panzer!, 3 Min. Video (shown: 2 video stills), 2010

Link to video: Panzer! Panzer! (Tank! Tank! in english), this piece uses archival footage of war and a green screen placing the artist in a historical context as well as sci-fi film footage for the Panzer Kommandeurin of the future. Questioning the drawing and re-drawing of borders through power and force, and how this political mapping is manifested in cartographic and imagery.

Panzer Kommandeurin Helm (Tank Commander Helmet), acrylic on NVA helmet, 2010

The centerpiece of the Panzer! Panzer! series: the Helmet, with it’s symbolic gleaming eyes referencing the goddess of wisdom the all seeing eyes of strategy, cunning intelligence and strength.

Significant Other (Back and Bands) Acrylic on canvas ca. 25 x 50 cm, 6 cassettes, 2010

This series includes a video piece, collages and objets exploring the connections between the positives and negatives of the earth’s magnetic field and the movement of life on planet earth. ‘Significant Other’ in this case means a partner relationship like plus/minus. Invisible magnetic fields reveal themselves and their force in magnetic moments- when their direction and magnitude becomes visible, motivates into movement and guides.

Significant Other: Video, Video with sound, 4min 33sec (shown: 4 Videostills), 2010

Link to video: See description for Significant Other series above.

Significant Other (Reels), Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 90 cm, 2011

See description for Significant Other series above.

Climbing Guides: Face of a Thousand Pitons, Collage: Digital Print on paper, 100 x 90 cm , 2009

This series of drawings compares way-finding methods in mountainous regions with similar shaped inner city structures. Referencing rebuilding and ladder climbing in contemporary society.