William Alexander



Kategorien: Malerei Skulptur Installation Performance Partizipativ

Blow out

2012 Acrylic and Oil on Canvas From a series Something in a Landscape

Ambridge 14:15

2012 Acrylic on Canvas 2.5.x 1.4m From the series Something in a Landscape


2012 Cardboard, canvas, wood Experimentation with commonly used materials

Figure Riding Landscape 2012

Acrylic and oil on canvas 50cm x 35cm From the series Something in a Landscape


2009 Cardboard, rubber, paint Here is a journey started in Archway, about 2miles from Hamstead Heath, to see the full video go to http://youtu.be/mBntjBOoc8w or williamalexander.me.uk williamalexander.me.uk/sculpture/performance Fully working cardboard icecreamvan, still used in street performances. Aim of project to wake people from the spectacle of everyday


2012 Cardboard and Honeycomb board

Race Walk Ross Kemp

Flyer and Poster see racewalkrosskemp.com and for a video of the closing stages of the race see http://youtu.be/-ftzCnBtGLM

Ski Sunday

2009 Oil on Canvas 2m x 1m approx

Three Birds

1.2mx1.2m Acrylic on Canvas

Time and Space

2011 Acrylic on Canvas 2.2m x 1.4m