Aderemi Adegbite


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State of MIND 001

I left Nigeria in search of Nigerians and other West African travellers who are stuck in various countries along West African coasts while traveling by road to Europe - Spain. But after crossing the border between Nigeria and Republic of Benin I realized I was in the same shoe with my subject.

State of MIND 002

Being in a state of confusion and in fear of what lies ahead, past events in life erupts in the garment of memories. I remember when I was young and lived in my home town with my cousin. He usually rides the bicycle to the farm while myself and his brother walk our way through.

State of MIND 003

Living in my village, a rural area, thought me so many things about life and existence my culture and tradition. It was hard living with a cousin who beats you with cutlass though but that moment of my life reflects in my daily engagement now.

State of MIND 004

Since we live in a neighboring village and my cousin is a teacher, he often travel to our hometown to see his mother (my aunt) who is dying from Breast Cancer. She believes that her sickness is a spiritual attack from one of her husband's concubines. And when Mr. Adegboye is "out of town" his younger brother ride the bicycle and sometimes teach me too.

State of MIND 005

Car wreckage which in most cases is a product of accidents and government negligent has become part of the aesthetics of our landscape in Nigeria and some other West African countries.

State of MIND 006

Moving from one village to another or from an urban area to a rural area across West Africa some aesthetics adorn the roadsides - part of the landscape beauty. On this journey, I reunited with a part my childhood memories.

State of MIND 007

Being an emotional journey for me, in my subconsciousness, I document the survival journey between myself and my mother. In her strive to making sure that her children eat and go to school, she has hawk all kinds of products. And as her first born, a lot is placed on my shoulder - struggling through life.

State of MIND 008

I was told to be careful with my camera and other valuables at Assigame Market in LOME by my friends. I asked them why? They said there are thieves around. I looked around and saw some guys with South-West Nigeria tribal marks, I greeted one of them and my friends said in silent that he is one of them. I laughed as I realized he is from my tribe though and I went about the market shooting with no fear.

State of MIND 009

My mind often drift away to my mother...she was against this journey because I was only just been diagonalized of Asthama from a severe attack. And I did not have enough money which will take through the journey.

State of MIND 010

A whole lot happen within the space time - emotional, confusion, lost in transit, lack of money to move on, incommunicable and lying about passport status for a reduction in border expenses. I remind determined and move on, only focused on why lies ahead.