Gokcen Dilek Acay



Kategorien: Fotografie Video Installation Performance

Animal Furniture

object motor, animal hair, designed wood, 2014 My research concentrates on the role of the animal in a human dominated world. The work examines, how animals are represented in the so-called creative or cultural economy. This work will reflect the moralistic question between animal, human and nature. please check the video: https://vimeo.com/97316812

Clean my Soul

Performance video 2.17 min. , 2013 The video is one shot and one angel image. A dog licks non-stop the face of lady 2.17 minutes long. It is between kind of disturbance and sweetness and crash the hierarchical borders of animal instinct. please check the video: https://vimeo.com/75051687

When deer comes to water...

Moving Object Sheet Metal, Programed Motor, Sensor 2013 This project is about the relationship between humans and nature and creating an imitation of the sounds of nature. This sound ob- ject part of a series based on natural events. A sensor detects the viewer and creates a thunder sound. When the viewer comes closer to the object through the sensor the sheet starts to move. A metal sheet is held with magnets and controlled by a programmed sensor-motor mechanism. As a result, the met- al sheet is temporarily deformed and make noises. please check the video: https://vimeo.com/72405803

Barking Woman

Performance Video 3:01 min. 2012 This picture of the ideal human is also far removed from the animal side of ours, which in my opinion, may be the only pure essence of humanity, if it is possible to isolate such a thing. This distance and broader separation could be seen as one of the main reasons for our alienation from ourselves. The act of barking is the denial of using language, which is the main instrument of communication for the modern human beings, and also an attempt to touch the primal self. please check the video: https://vimeo.com/50929310


Digital collages, 6 pieces, 2014 In the images is human anatomy inside out. The questions being asked are how are we made? Where do we come from? please check the website: http://dilekacay.com/gallery/anatomia/

End of the Play

embroidery, various sizes, 2011-2014 please check the link: http://dilekacay.com/gallery/embroidery-works/