Busrianto Andres



Kategorien: Video Skulptur Installation Performance Partizipativ

Lost Spirit Medicine and Snack boxes, Microphone and Carpet, 300x200x142 cm 2011

Indonesia’s ‘founding father’ Sukarno made education system public. In the present that right is lost because the government decided to make the system elitist. This really disappointed Indonesians.

This Project is not only lifestyle Acrylic on Canvas, 180x140cm 2011

The Indonesian middle class does not have access to luxury, but it can feel it. It compensates it by a specific form of aesthetics for example, in Indonesia people often hang carpets with images on the walls of their instead of putting them on the floor. This phenomenon can also be seen in the rising popularity of living rooms a policeman, who recorded himself in the police station, dancing in Bollywood style and uploaded it to You Tube. I can see all around me how people can appreciate. art.

History, Philosophy, and Pluralism in Yogyakarta 2010 Acrylic on Canvas, 180x140 cm

Yogyakarta is well known over the country decide to move there in order to express themselves in many artistic fields and get feedback from the unique identity of it connecting the traditional with the contemporary.as one of the most heterogeneous and pluralistic cities in Indonesia. For that reason many people from all

Diraju hijrah plus plus (Emigration seduction plus-plus) (Painting 200 cm x 140 cm) tall with a tot

Hijrah or "migration" is an attitude of looking for the most convenient place to do something appropriate for life activities. In search for the ideal life, moving is necessary in order to achieve all imagined normative goals. It is present in my life, too - today I have migrated to Yogyakarta City (like Lithuanians to London or Berlin)in order to achieve the ideal vision in art. Imagination follows the wake of Understanding - to be successfully developed and advanced. This work is a presentation, adopted of Local Café Catfish (Lesehan pecel) installation with the screen representation of life that is always moving, migrating to bring the spirit of change. So the essence of the ideal life is of a mindset that can be migrated to the interactive context.

Economic Myth International Duration of 3 minutes 59 seconds Video and installation 2012 Click. htt

It is a commentary video for the debates that took place in the Indonesian Parliament, 31 March 2012, of the time for a plenary session, concerning the increase of oil fuel price. I played with some footage of circuit-headed speech sounds in a variety of materials and unity of the work. Speech and mannerisms are always displayed to defend the rights of ’people’, however, in their realization does not conform to their expectations. For example, we see just how the decision of the board members of one political party that previously had strong rejection of fuel price increase, at a time of their voting changed to the support of the increase in fuel prices. They provided a classic statement of the reason - they are following the standards of the International oil prices. I guess this is part of a phenomenon existing in International myth. We have the courage to reject the name of ”International” economic standards because some of us have not been able to follow the terms and experience negative consequences. For the presentation of this work the LCD projector and screen will be used, and I will present some expressions via microphone with facing position like the video at media crew interviewing an officer.

Interpretasion of the Kenduri Feat Ciprian & 7 Mbahh Kaum Video art 9 minute 14 second 2013 Click: h

Marginalization of education Mahoni wood, merk emco paint,costume, chair, table black board, 250 X

The subjects of this piece are human rights and the change of life principles through education in modern day Indonesia. It has been decided that this country should use at least 20% of its budget for education. However, with the increase in the school fees, this nation is yet to see solutions. The low-cost schools with high quality education will need assistance from various aspects so that the education system becomes accessible to all levels of society. This will satisfy the mandate by the Indonesian law 1945.

Offering to bitter pill Spray paint on wall, 165 X 300 cm 2012 Venue: Institut of art Yogyakarta, Ja

This work is situated on the front gate of ISI (Indonesian Institute of Art). It criticizes the Indonesian Minister’s of Education and Culture decision on changing the ISI (Indonesian Institute of Art) to ISBI (Indonesian Institute of Art and Culture). The Indonesian Art Institute is not ready for such changes which would introduce theoretical non-arts faculties. Moreover, the ministry has never discussed this topic with the university itself. Such an innovation would need a thorough research and preparation. In this work the letter B from ISBI, which stands for budaya – culture, becomes a B that stands for babi – pig.

Victom corruption Spray paint on billboard, 190 X 250 cm 2012 Venue: Katamso Street center of Yogya

The subject of this artwork is corruption. In Indonesia all social strata are touched by corruption. As an artist I must express my objection towards corruption becoming an element of Indonesian culture. This is my message to Indonesian society – corruption makes our life bitter

"You don"t have to be Crazy to live here, but it help" stencil, Paiting on the wall, oil spray, 2013

Venue: Post Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania