Heather Allen



Kategorien: Skulptur Installation

Alius Mundus, 2012

http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html 5-element installation of cardboard/wood structures and wax on wood sculptures. The structures have peepholes through which the interior figures can be seen.

Fremde Bewohner, 2011

http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html For Short & Intense II, International Artists in Moabit Kurt-Kurt Projektzentrale, Berlin wax & sculpey figures / video projection with sound / mirror Viewers were able to see the installation in the gallery storage room only through a small opening in the window covering. The figures could be seen either directly or mirrored, but not both.

White Tower, 2011

8m high wooden tower with two painted bronze figures. Installed in the Budapest City Lake for Art on Lake, curated by Budapest Museum of Fine Art. http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

The Ideal Man, 2011

Installation of 74 wax figures at ArToll, Bedburg Hau http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Ground Level, 2010

Part 1 of 3-part exhibition, römer9, Frankfurt/M. Painted wood 300 x 420 x 160 cm / wooden tower: 500cm h / wax & sculpey figures / string ladders. http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Climb, 2009

Waygood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Cardboard construction / sculpey figures / string ladder. http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Nach Oben, 2009

For ICI BERLIN, La Condition Publique, Lille/Roubaix Metal scaffolding / woooden structures & ladders / string ladders / sculpey figures / wooden towers. http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Line up and be, 2009

Berlin Art Scouts, Berlin Sculpey figures / wooden ladder & tower. http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Sleeper, 2011

Wood / cardboard / sculpey figure, 67 cm x 38 x cm x 28 cm http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html

Drawing Nr. 16, 2011

Acrylic and pencil on paper, A3 http://www.heatherallen.net/html/works.html