Ioan Ovidiu Cernei


Kategorien: Installation Partizipativ Internet Interdisziplinär

Huis Clos

Interactive installation, the house is interacted with by knocking, upon which, after a small pause, the house responds by knocking back with a pattern and rhythm similar to your own, thus initiating a dialog. More details on my personal page @ ( video available on vimeo )


Marimo is an interactive underwater sculpture, it consists of a submersed green ball, similar to the japanese plant Marimo which sinks and rises during it's life. This natural force is replaced by pedal power which pumps air into the sculpture only to sink almost immediately when you stop.


Makina is an experimental interface and granular synthesizer created for performance purposes and function by cutting and modifying pre-recorded sounds.

Paparazzi Lover

Interactive dress together with Anbasja Blanken and Ricardo O'Nascimento. Paparazzi Lover replies to camera flashes by flashing in the direction of the photographer a bright light generated by ultra power leds. Mor information available on my personal website @


FMR1 is a conversion interactive installation in which the original purpose of the machine is reverse. A life maintenance device is transformed into a life input towards a video of a sonogram. The video is taken from public domain and creates an online identity for the yet unborn human being. When the viewer breathes into the device the fetus moves. More can be seen on my personal page @


Squeezer is an interactive device art object, it can be attached to any tv or radio with a headphone output jack. It references the latin custom of grabbing one's genitals in sign of respect, disrespect and disbelief and gives the viewer the same interaction experience when faced with popular tv culture or sensitive material. It aims to be an empowerment of the viewer to have a say on the shown content. more on my personal page @